Our Staff




Ramsey is our founder and CEO at Fivefold Missions.  He is passionate about his relationship with God, his family, and the people of God’s kingdom.  Ramsey has experience as a Children’s Pastor, Youth Pastor, College and Small Groups Pastor.  He has traveled to six different nations preaching the gospel and training believers.  He and family live in Pretoria, South Africa. Ramsey enjoys prayer, chess, and especially cookies.





Sarah is the heart behind the organization.  She has been on over a dozen missions trips to ten different nations.  Her compassion for the least and her admin skills combine to make her a great mother and an integral part of our team.  Because of her many years of experience and wisdom, she is the only one who can keep the CEO in line.






Samuel is the Executive Assistant at Fivefold Missions.  He hails from Tanzania and resides in Pretoria.  Samuel works at our headquarters in South Africa as an indispensable asset to our work here and abroad.  He is a brilliant musician and a sincere lover of Jesus.