Planting Churches

We plant churches based on the fivefold values and strategy found in Ephesians 4 and throughout the New Testament.  The early church grew because people devoted themselves to each other by fellowshipping daily and meeting in homes to encourage one another.  We follow that biblical pattern.



Life Church Pretoria: God Cares, We Care, People Matter

Life Church Pretoria:
God Cares, We Care, People Matter

In Pretoria, South Africa, our current missionaries serve at a wonderful local church called LIFE CHURCH PRETORIA, where we support their discipleship and church planting efforts.  As directors of their church planting/cell group ministry, our missionaries have helped to plant three new churches and they oversee a network of many more.  

We focus on house church discipleship.  These house churches (cell groups) gather in  homes or meeting areas on a weekly basis to seek God, develop relationships with one another, and challenge each other in the mission of making disciples of our friends, neighbors and coworkers.

In  every house church, we follow the Bible’s plan of including every believer and their gift as an important part of the church body.  In other words, YOU MATTER!  God’s plan is for every believer to fill a crucial role in a small gathering of believers.





The church isn’t a building or a program or a club, it’s a living organism made up of you and I as its crucial parts.  

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