Fivefold Church Planting

churchNot only do we esteem Fivefold Values, we also follow a Fivefold strategy for discipleship and church planting.  We believe that each of us have been created with a specific design and are called to operate as a unique part of Christ’s body.  The pattern for this body is described in Ephesians 4:11:

 ”And He Himself gave some to be apostles (leadership), some prophets (spirituality), some evangelists (mission), and some shepherds (care) and teachers (discipleship): for the complete equipping of the saints, for (specific jobs) for service, for the construction of the body of Christ.”



The “Overseer”, as we call him, is responsible for the organization and planting of new house churches.  He or she ensures that new believers and new members are properly connected to a house church.  He also coaches and mentors other Role Leaders.

The other four gifts, or “Roles”, are the leaders in each house church.  So in each church meeting, there are four Leaders in attendance: a Prophet, a Teacher, an Evangelist, and a Shepherd.  During gatherings, each Role takes a turn facilitating his or her responsibility in the group.



sShepherds are caretakers by nature.  They are highly attuned to the needs of others.  Shepherds have the crucial role of keeping unity and relationships a top priority in the church.

PersonalityCaring & Relational

Key Goal Question:  This week, have I helped my group get to know each other better and love each other more?

During meetings, the Shepherd answers their “key goal question” by leading relational activities such as games and discussions and by Identifying members in need of counseling & friendship.  Throughout the week, the Shepherd personally contacts each member and encourages their attendance to house church and large group celebration meetings.  In addition, Shepherds plan group meeting details such as location and food and often organize fun group activities outside regular meeting times.



pProphet’s thrive when creating an environment where people connect to God.  This is the most important role as our relationship with Jesus is the most important aspect of our lives.

PersonalitySpiritual & Meditative

 Key Goal Question:  This week, have I helped my group get to know and love God more?

During meetings, Prophets answer their“key goal question” by facilitating worship, prayer and communion.  They guide the group to pray for each other’s needs and to share of prophetic words for one another. Throughout the week, they talk with group members about seeking God, journaling and remaining Spirit-led.



tTeachers are analytical and capable of facilitating discussions.  They have the privilege, not only to teach, but to make others thirsty for the Word.

Personality:  Thinkers & Studiers

Key Goal Question:  This week, have I helped my group to know and understand God’s Word better?

During meetings Teachers answer their “key goal question” by facilitating discussion a topical bible study or about a celebration message.  Their goal is not to merely provide answers, but to get other members engaged in discovering the richness of the Word of God.  Throughout the week, Teachers meet with new believers or new members to disciple them in the foundations of the faith.



eThe role of Evangelist is carried by someone with a passion to get new people connected to God and to the body of Christ.  Their job isn’t merely to evangelize, but to keep the Group focused on our mission to reach the lost.

Personality:  Outgoing & Passionate

Key Goal Question: This week, have I helped my group to get to know and love unbelievers more?

During meetings, Evangelists answer their “key goal question” by leading discussions about each members’ relationships with their lost friends & family.  They plan times for group members to hang out with lost friends & neighbors to share Christ.  Throughout the week, they organize meetings and parties with members and their lost friends/co-workers to build relationships and they plan and coordinate outreach events for their house church.


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