It’s starting to get cold here in South Africa, and we just pulled off another successful clothes drive.  Dozens of families were blessed with free clothes.  Not only that, but several new families attended our church the next day and we are connecting them with one of our house churches.  Because of your giving and prayer, the blind see, the lame walk and the good news is preached to the poor!  Keep us in prayer as we are in need of continued finances through this year.  May God bless you with favor in your spirit, your family and your funds!


Fandler Family Update

A small update on our family side – Kaylie, now 3, is attending ballet classes, and loving it!  David is in the picture here playing cricket at school.  He’s doing really well in 1st grade at school.  He is 6 now, but is still momma’s baby.  Daniel (9) is involved in chess club & soccer, he was the only one in his class to receive the Christlikeness Award, and gets straight A’s in all classes.  Thanks to many of you for the sports and extra gifts!


Brothers and sisters:  God has been pouring out a hunger for his glory and for the supernatural these last few weeks.  And what blessed times in His presence we have had!  Several people were baptized in the Spirit.  Many have fallen under the power of the Holy Spirit, one lady was healed, and two people already have committed their lives to Jesus.  Thank you for you continued prayers!

LIFE CHURCH Cell Vision Video

Update By: Ramsey Fandler
Date: January 15, 2013

Our Vision for House Church (or Cell Group) growth with our partner church in South Africa.


Happy New Year!  I thought it would be encouraging to give a brief testimony report of the fruit bore because of your generosity.

Salvations: over a dozen precious people have come to know Christ and have been filled with the Holy Spirit this year!

Church Plants: Two new house church plants have begun and they are hungry for God.

Helping the Poor:  Over two hundred men, woman and children have received food, clothing and other aid.

Financial Report: Our operating budget is at $3200 US a month.  Currently, we are receiving $2400 US a month with various special donations to supplement.  God is faithful!  If you can increase your giving this year or know of others who can invest in the kingdom work in South Africa, please let us know!  Thank you, and thank God for his grace to the people of this nation!

Diepsloot Shack City Video

Update By: Ramsey Fandler
Date: December 1, 2012

Over 200,000 people live in this poverty-stricken area.  This is a few miles from our home in South Africa.


Great news!  We have launched a new church plant in a populated rural area north of Pretoria.  They are gathering in a very small tin house so at times they have to meet outside.  Up to 11 now meet together, but their weekly meetings weren’t enough. Every night they have been gathering together at 8pm to pray and often don’t leave until 11pm!  One of the leader’s we are raising up there is named Thomas.  To give you a picture into his life, he and his wife live in a house the size of a large US bathroom (literally, I’ve been there and you can barely stand).  He awakes at 3am every morning to catch the train and to travel to work by 5am.  He then works 12 hours on his feet all day, getting him back home at 7pm.  How much does he make?  Between $10-15 a day.  And he doesn’t even live on all of that money— he needs to send some of that money every month to his twin baby girls in Zimbabwe.  He couldn’t afford to keep them safe here in South Africa.  Grateful for what you have, anyone?

Daniel & the Spy, The Movie

Update By: Ramsey Fandler
Date: October 26, 2012

The Fandler rendition of the Daniel and the Lion’s Den story.


The first of October is our official “soft launch” of the Life Community Center in Pretoria West, South Africa.  We are so excited to be reaching out into our community in this way.  We will be doing some great programs to create self-dependence among the poor and underprivileged.  This is of course going to create inroads for us to see the good news of Jesus transform people’s lives.  To see all the details, visit the website:



This month we held a Youth Camp where we took local teens into the African wild and poured into them the gospel, ministry training, and encounters with Jesus.  It was great to be able to spend several days pouring into their lives.  Many were touched, challenged and blessed.  Because of YOUR giving they will never be the same.