The first service taking place at Grace Marketplace.

The first service taking place at Grace Marketplace.

Happy summer everyone!  June has been an eventful month for the Stelmaszek family. We have partnered with Greenhouse Church to launch a new campus at a brand new homeless center, Grace Marketplace.  Brett traveled to Cape Coral to meet with friends to update them on his trip to South Africa.  We have also spent the month in prayer about the next steps moving forward now that Brett is back from his trip.

Grace Marketplace has been a tremendous experience to be a part of.  It is the old Gainesville Correctional Institute that the city bought and transformed into a homeless center to provide valuable resources to the homeless population.  Greenhouse Church has been able to hold services on Sunday in the chapel that is on the property.  We are excited to be a part of the initial launch team and to see how quickly and powerfully God has been working in the four short weekends we have been there.  We are currently thinking about other ways we can assist the center such as partnering with them to enhance their community garden.  We are incredibly blessed to be a part of this opportunity.

Brett’s visit to Cape Coral included meeting several friends and supporters to give them an update on our ministry and to hear about everything that is going on in their lives.  It was refreshing to be able to see everyone again, and we are really looking forward to speaking at First Assembly West in September, and making that trip as a family.  As a bonus to his trip, Brett got to preach at the youth group his first night and also voluntarily sleep deprived himself at the youth lock-in.

As far as moving forward, we have been praying quite a bit since Brett has gotten back from South Africa.  We have decided that now is probably the best time to start traveling and itinerating at churches, especially since Judah is nearly perfect in health and Sydney can take care of the boys by herself.  Please pray with us that we will find favor with churches that we reach out to.  Also, if you believe that your home church would be interested in having us share about our ministry, please let us know!  We are grateful for any connections that we can receive.

For those of you we will not be seeing in person in the near future, we are putting together a special email full of photos from Brett’s time in South Africa.

We are thankful for everyone who has taken the time to pray for us and to hear about what we will be doing in South Africa.  We treasure prayer above all else and know that it is not without sacrifice that you pray for us.   Thank you again.  God bless.


We would love to get some feedback from you – our faithful prayer partners – to help us in our ministry.  On the one hand, we want some positive feedback, not only because we need encourage-ment, but also so we can put a few quotes on our website.  Here are a few questions to help direct your feedback:  “Why do you support the Fandlers?”  “How have the Fandlers affected your life through missions?”  “What difference do you see them making in South Africa?”

We would also appreciate some constructive criticism.  We want to know how we can get better at what we do.  Every little suggestion helps!

Simply shout out at us on our facebook page: or shoot us an email at   Thank you!


It’s starting to get cold here in South Africa, and we just pulled off another successful clothes drive.  Dozens of families were blessed with free clothes.  Not only that, but several new families attended our church the next day and we are connecting them with one of our house churches.  Because of your giving and prayer, the blind see, the lame walk and the good news is preached to the poor!  Keep us in prayer as we are in need of continued finances through this year.  May God bless you with favor in your spirit, your family and your funds!


Happy New Year!  I thought it would be encouraging to give a brief testimony report of the fruit bore because of your generosity.

Salvations: over a dozen precious people have come to know Christ and have been filled with the Holy Spirit this year!

Church Plants: Two new house church plants have begun and they are hungry for God.

Helping the Poor:  Over two hundred men, woman and children have received food, clothing and other aid.

Financial Report: Our operating budget is at $3200 US a month.  Currently, we are receiving $2400 US a month with various special donations to supplement.  God is faithful!  If you can increase your giving this year or know of others who can invest in the kingdom work in South Africa, please let us know!  Thank you, and thank God for his grace to the people of this nation!