Our final Sunday at Life Church Pretoria.  Special bonus that Ross was able to play with the worship team.

Brett and Ross have returned from their trip to South Africa, and despite some jet lag from the 6 hour time difference, they are refreshed from their experiences on the trip.  We want to give you a brief overview of the trip in this newsletter, but hope to share more of the details in person with all of you.

The primary purpose of this trip was for Brett to connect with the people, pastors, and vision of Life Church.  The time there served to reconfirm our call and commitment to serve at Life Church Pretoria.  We are more excited than ever to begin working with Life Church and ministering to the people of Pretoria.

Brett and Ross attended a couple of Sunday services at Life Church and got to meet some of the amazing people who make up the church there.  They also had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with the staff at Life Church Cape Town, the mother church to Pretoria.

In Cape Town, they got to see and hear the vision of Life Church being a cell based church and how they use their cell groups to impact the community. They met with several staff during their time there and were able to get a deeper understanding of the church’s purpose, vision, and mission.  The staff at Cape Town is from all different nations, such as Australia, America, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. It was encouraging to see the diversity of God’s kingdom all working in the same place for the same purpose.

They were also able to visit some of the work that Life Church is doing in the squatter camps.  They visited several crèches (daycares) and saw the work that is being done through Life Child. Life Child is able to provide food and education for preschool children during the day. Many of the parents in these communities cannot find work and the services Life Child provides are incredibly valuable.  For more information about the work that is being done with Life Child you can visit their website: Life Child.

These are just a few of the things that happened on their trip. Unfortunately we can’t share all of the experiences in this newsletter or show you the pictures that they took.  However, the summary of the entire experience is this: We absolutely cannot wait until we’re over in Pretoria serving God at Life Church.  We’re incredibly excited to continue working towards getting to South Africa.  We are also tremendously thankful for all your support, in prayer, wisdom, and finances.  God bless.

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